New Web Site for Free and Inexpensive E-Books

web siteA little over two years ago, I received my first Kindle as a Christmas gift from my wife. I had no idea at the time how much I would enjoy that little device. I have found myself reading more in the past couple of years than at any other point in my life. I also found myself mining Amazon and other websites for freebies or inexpensive e-books. It’s been a fun process. Searching for these books has introduced me to a host of great authors, whose books I probably would not have read had I not been introduced to them with a free e-book.

I’ve been posting links to free e-books on my Facebook and Twitter pages for a couple years now. Over those years, people have continually told me that I should start a webpage for people looking for free or inexpensive e-books. So today, I took the plunge. I’m excited to introduce you to Here you’ll find free and inexpensive e-books on a daily basis. Share the news with your reading friends, and happy reading!