Calendar and Booking




You may be interested in having me come speak to your group. If I am available, I would love to come and speak for just about any event. Here are examples of some of the events that I have spoken for in the past:

* Youth Retreats
* Men’s Retreats
* Family Camps
* School Assemblies
* School Class Presentations
* Leadership Training
* College Chapels
* Spiritual Emphasis Week at Churches
* Spiritual Emphasis Week At Christian Schools
* Parenting Conferences
* Corporate Training on Social Networking
* Parent Education on Social Networking, Teen Issues
* Summer Camps
* Winter Retreats
* Denominational Conferences
* Guest Speaker at Churches
* College and Seminary Youth Ministry Classes
* Youth worker or youth pastor conferences
* Senior Citizens Groups
* Pastor’s Conferences
* Evangelistic Outreach Events
* Student Ministry Volunteer Staff Training
* Youth Culture Training (Video Games, Movies, Music, Trends)
* Church Planter Training
* Church Health Consultation
* Theology Roundtable Discussion (Pizza and God Talk Type Events)
* Guest Speaker for Church Elective Classes


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