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Available only as an e-book, “I’m Speechless” Zechariah’s Story is a dramatic retelling of the story of Zechariah. Zechariah is one of the most intriguing people in Scripture. The old man dreamed of the day that he would be chosen to go into the temple of the Lord to burn incense. When his turn finally came, he got way more than he bargained for. This one act play seeks to make the story of Zechariah come alive. It is best performed in a church during the Advent season. The drama seeks to help people, who become very busy during the Christmas season, slow down enough to hear the voice of God. Sometimes we need to be speechless in order to hear God’s voice.  Order you copy for any e-reading format here. To order for Kindle click here.

When I . . .

My New Book Is Now Available
Sometimes you just need the right question to get your students talking. (And then sometimes you can’t get them to stop talking!) The latest in the best-selling Quick Questions series, When I… gives you 500 finish-the-sentence statements that will get students talking. With everything from silly to serious, you’ll get your students finishing sentences like: * When I was a baby… * When I have to confront somebody… * When I see my parents kiss… * When I see a homeless person… * When I confess my sin… Perfect for ice-breakers, road trips, small group discussions, or just about any other ministry setting, this is a useful resource for anyone in youth ministry, whether paid or volunteer, rookie or veteran. When I… will open up opportunities for discussions and conversations that will draw students and leaders closer together and will lead to new insights into what’s happening in the hearts and minds of students.
When I . . . is available from Amazon by clicking here.

When I . . .

When I for Kindle
 When I . . . is now available in an e-book format on Kindle.
Order the Kindle edition of When I . . . by clicking here.

What’s The Deal With . . .

My New Book Was Released Today

It was a sixteen-year-old named Charlie who first started asking Brian Schulenburg the tough questions about faith, God, and life. And since then, Brian meets every other week with dozens of students who are asking the same questions. While he doesn’t have all the answers, he’s found that just letting the students ask the questions and wrestle through them together, life change is happening. Here you’ll find 500 of those tough questions, perfect for you to use with your own students. You’ll get them thinking and talking about the things that probably confuse and bewilder them. Questions like: * What’s the deal with the Bible? How do we know that we can trust it? * What’s the deal with heaven? Will there be sex in heaven? * What’s the deal with sin? Are some sins worse than others? * What’s the deal with dinosaurs? Were there dinosaurs on the ark? * What’s the deal with tragedy? Why would God let a baby die? There may not always be a ‘right’ answer, but there will be great discussions that lead to life change. If you’re looking for a way to get your students talking and thinking about some of the deeper issues of faith and life, What’s the Deal With… is the perfect book to keep on hand.

Get your copy of What’s The Deal With . . . by clicking here. Prefer the Kindle copy? Click here.

Choose Your Top 3 . . .

Choose Your Top 3

Review ‘This resource is a small book with a big punch to get your discussions focused from the beginning….[A] must for every youth worker’s backpack. – YouthWorker Journal Product Description This collection of 500 prompts will get students laughing, thinking, sharing, and getting to know each other. From the silly to the insightful, these questions work great as icebreakers, discussion prompts, time-killers, game ideas, and more. Great for youth workers, ministers, teachers, volunteers, camp counselors, parents, and anyone who wants to know more about the kids in their life.

Choose Your Top 3 is now in it’s third printing. This is Brian’s best-selling book, and one that you will use over and over again as you work with students, small groups, family, etc.Get your copy now by clicking here.

Choose Your Top 3 now available on Kindle!

Choose Your Top 3 Kindle

Brian’s best-selling book is finally available on Kindle, and other electronic reading devices. Get your copy today and take it on the road wherever you go!

Here is what others are saying about Choose Your Top 3.We recently took “Choose Your Top 3” to our summer middle school camp and it proved to be an invaluable resource to get students talking without much preparation. Like most events there are times when we you need to improvise because of technical difficulties, weather or poor planning. “Choose Your Top 3” is a great fallback.Schulenburg does an excellent job detailing ways in which the youth leader might use this book, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that this is a great way to get students talking and sharing.If you intend to get into students’ world, then this is one of many tools you need in your toolbox. We are purchasing this book for all of our small group leaders in order to better equip them with simple ways to get students talking. I recommend that other youthworkers do the same!  – Jason Barthelemy, Senior High Pastor, Grace Church, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Like all good books written to spark discussion, Choose Your Top 3 offers many more chooses than you will need at any given time.  Brian Schulenburg has put together a collection of discussion starters that have the potential to spark some interesting conversations among your students.  The 500 discussion prompts will work for any age group, making it a very versatile resource for any youth worker.  Some of the discussion prompts are serious: choose your top three questions to ask God or top three traits you like about senior citizens.  Some of the prompts are funny: choose your top three shapes or top three worst movie sequels.  Many of the prompts land somewhere in between serious and funny.   To help you have a better grasp of the book and how to use it, Schulenburg spends the first three pages sharing tips on how to get the most out Choose Your Top 3.  This introduction will not take you long to read, but can help you get more out of the book.  I have used each method suggested and have found each successful.  Make sure you read his important caveat on page 15, it might save you a headache and a few phone calls.     The book’s format is simple; each page has only five or six discussion prompts on it.  This leaves you with room to write notes or the date a prompt is used.  Beyond just reading straight from the book, it can be a springboard to getting your students to come up with some of their own “choose your top 3” to ask each other.  One thing I noticed as I read through all 500 discussion starters is that some of them are very similar to each other.  This should not cause you to have the same discussion over and over, but you will need to make sure you use a good variety in order to get the best discussion, especially on a road trip.   Every time you choose to use this book, you will get different results.  You might end up with a serious discussion about a student’s relationship with his parents one time and the next time you will end up talking about which mechanical pencil writes better on computer paper.  Anyone who works with students needs to have a copy of Choose Your Top 3 within arm’s length.  It is, like the other Quick Questions books, a time saver because you will not have to spend time trying to come up with questions to ask or ways to spark discussion.  You might even need to buy a second copy to put in the church van. – Mike Kupferer, Online Reviewer, Youth Specialties

I picked up this book by Brian Schulenburg at a church sponsored event. It is an incredibly fun book. It is a Christian based book, but does not have to be used this way if you don’t want to.

Sometimes our kids can be very hard to reach, and nearly impossible to get them to open up. This book helps that. It is designed to be used for teenagers, but Hannah loves to “play” along with it, and often asks if we can do the “pick 3” game.

The book has 500 questions, and each person takes a turn answering what their top three things are for that question. It has become a favorite game for long road trips for us.

Some of the questions are very trivial, and others are more in depth or faith based. Here are some examples in all ranges:

134 – Nail polish colors

182 – Wonders of the World

256 – Pieces of advice you’d give about relationships

328 – Friends’ homes you’d want to live in

383 – Things that bug you about the bible

484 – Activities you wish your church would offer

You can get as silly or as serious as you want. You can add in questions that are not in the book, or some of these questions may lead to some serious discussion. I like that you can quickly slip from funny to serious and back again. You can take the questions in order, pick random questions, or gather a list of questions you think would fit the situation or child. If you have, or have ever had a difficult to reach child, you know how difficult it can be to have ANY kind of conversation, much less one that is heartfelt.

Playing along allows you to set the tone of the event. If you’re riding in the car and there are several other children, maybe you don’t want to ask the “tough” questions. If there are just two of you, maybe that’s the time to try. 

When kids from five years old to fourteen years old enjoy this game, you know you’re onto something. Some questions are over Hannah’s head so we just skip her, but we really encourage her to play along. It is a great family event, and a book I highly encourage buying.  – Kelly from Foster Adoption Blogs

Order your Kindle edition of Choose Your Top 3 by clicking here.

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