PictureLeith Anderson – President of the National Association of Evangelicals and Senior Pastor Emeritus at Wooddale Church

“Brian was my pastoral colleague at Wooddale Church and now leads as a senior pastor.  He excels in warmth, graciousness, communication and leadership. Looking for someone who passionately loves people, honors God, believes the Bible and communicates the gospel of Jesus Christ?  Brian Schulenburg is your man!”

PictureHuntley Brown – Internationally Renowned Concert Pianist and Evangelist

“I have known Brian Schulenburg for over 20 years and he is truly a gift to the body of Christ.  With a winning personality and a combination of humor, story telling and the anointing, Brian is a voice that needs to be heard at this crucial time in the world. I highly recommend my friend Brian Schulenburg.”

PictureWarren Anderson – Dean of the Chapel, Judson University, Elgin, Illinois

“Brian Schulenburg’s chapel message at Judson University spoke straight to the hearts of our students. With humor and grace, he exhorted and encouraged – taking scriptural truths that applied directly to their lives and allowing those truths to come alive even more with his engaging presentation. I recommend his ministry highly.”  


PictureBill Abeler – Executive Director of Camp Lebanon, Upsala, Minnesota

“Brian Schulenburg is a youth pastor in a senior pastor’s body.  So when it comes to his speaking you will get energy, creativity, and comedy matched with passion, insight, and a solid biblical foundation.  That’s why we loved him at family camp.  All ages connected and God’s Word was communicated with relevance and impact.”

PictureMel Jones – Director of Gitche Gumee Bible Camp, Eagle River, Michigan

“Brian is a great communicator of Biblical truth and does it in a way that keeps your attention. He is a great speaker for any age level. I will be inviting him back to speak at Gitche Gumee.”

PictureGary Schmidt – Principal, Calvin Christian Middle School, Edina, Minnesota

“Brian is an enthusiastic speaker who has the rare ability to consistently captivate an audience of middle school students.  With many years of youth ministry experience, he has a deep understanding of the challenges that students face.  Brian is an effective communicator who successfully combines humorous stories with biblical truth.  He is a favorite among our many chapel speakers at our school.”


PictureMatt Nilsen – Teacher and Head Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, Edina High School

“Brian spoke to my Health Education classes for 10 years.  His enthusiasm and passion continually made him a class favorite.  He knows how to relate to teens on some very sensitive topics. Brian was always able to make the students feel comfortable and have fun.  I would highly recommend him.”

PictureGary Dietz – Youth Minister at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Edina, Minnesota

“Brian is a great speaker for junior and senior high kids. High energy, entertaining, great story teller, all delivered with a strong Christian message.”

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