Notes from my Bible Study for March 20, 2010

Today’s Reading: Psalm 79, Exodus 24, Nehemiah 5, Romans 15:1‐13

Psalm 79 – The anguish was unbearable. The city of Jerusalem lay in ruins. The pungent smell of death loomed in the air. The enemies of Israel had succeeded in bringing the nation to its knees. Asaph’s words in Psalm 79 speak of the great tragedy that Israel found herself in. The psalm is probably speaking about the Babylonian captivity, and Asaph begs for God’s mercy and forgiveness. He acknowledged the sin of the people and went to the only One who could forgive such sin. Asaph and Israel needed God’s intervention now more than ever.

Exodus 24 – God had finished telling Moses the law. Now it was time to confirm the covenant with the people. Moses went back down to the people and told the people what God had told him. The people agreed to the covenant with God. Then God asked Moses to come back up the mountain to receive the tablets of stone that God would write the law upon. Neither the people nor Moses knew how long he would spend on that mountain. In the end, Moses would spend 40 days and nights with God upon the mountaintop. The people would soon allow fear to drive them from the covenant they made with God.

Nehemiah 5 – Nehemiah has shown himself to be a wonderful leader. His leadership integrity continues to be shown in chapter five. When he recognizes that the poor are being oppressed he stands in the gap in their defense. When he speaks, he mentions in no uncertain terms that he is angry. The people responded by doing the right thing. When the righteous people of the world speak up, good things happen.

Romans 15:1-13 – The picture of Christ as a servant is prevalent in Paul’s writings. He once again shows us this picture of Christ in Romans 15:1-13. In this picture, Paul also shows us how important it is for Jews and Gentiles to recognize our place as brothers and sisters of Christ. Jesus Christ is the hope for all nations.