Notes from my Bible Study for March 17, 2010

Today’s Reading: Psalm 76, Exodus 21:12‐22:15, Nehemiah 2, Romans 12

Psalm 76 – Psalm 76 is a song of celebration. From beginning to end, God is glorified. Asaph wants Israel to celebrate that God has chosen Zion as his dwelling place. I like how Asaph implores the people to make vow to the Lord in verse 11. God has made a vow to Israel, and Israel should respond likewise. The New Covenant has allowed all men and women to make such a vow to God. Vows are sacred and not to be broken. May our faith reflect that!

Exodus 21:12-22:15 – God continues to lay out the rules of covenant living for the Children of Israel. I did not add any notes to this section.

Nehemiah 2 – Nehemiah’s life is a great example of visionary leadership. God led Nehemiah to build the walls of Jerusalem back up. It was a huge task, and most improbable, considering that Nehemiah was in Persia. King Artaxerxes’ heart was softened to Nehemiah’s request to go back to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls. This in itself was miraculous.

Then, the people of Jerusalem showed open hearts to God’s plan. It is clear that when God is behind a plan, that He opens the doors. That doesn’t mean that we won’t face opposition. By the end of the chapter, two troublemakers named, Sanballat and Tobiah seek to stop the work. Nehemiah didn’t let their discouragement dismay him.

Romans 12 – This is one of the greatest chapters in the Bible. In Romans 12 we find such practical teaching on what it means to be a Christian.

The chapter begins in many translations with the word, “Therefore.” In the context of Romans, the Apostle Paul is basically saying, “Based upon everything that you have read in Romans 1-11, here is how you are to live.”

As you read the chapter, you can find at least 36 different commands that Paul gives us for living a life that pleases Christ. I’d encourage you to write down as many of the imperatives for Christian living as you can in this chapter, and begin to put at least one into practice each day for the next several weeks. See what God does in your life.