Notes from my Bible Study for March 5, 2010

Today’s Reading: Psalm 64, Exodus 8:20‐9:12, 2 Chronicles 36, Romans 3:9‐20

Psalm 64 – Psalm 64 is another one of David’s psalms where he requests God’s help. This time, David is being slandered by evil people. The imagery of the wickedness that comes from the mouths of his accusers is intense. David prays that the people would become caught in their own folly. He prays that their words would turn back upon them.

God repeatedly assures His children that the truth will one day be shouted from the mountaintops. David’s responsibility here is to trust that God will allow the truth to be known. It will come in God’s time. In the meantime, David must trust that God has his back.

Exodus 8:20-9:12 – It must have been so difficult to be Moses. He loved the Children of Israel, but I believe he also loved many of the Egyptians. He had grown up in an Egyptian home; in the very home of Pharaoh. God had told Moses that Pharaoh’s heart would be hardened, but I bet Moses stood in disbelief after each plague was sent.

The fourth, fifth and sixth plagues were flies, the death of Egyptian livestock, and boils. Six plagues have now passed, and Pharaoh’s heart is just as hard as it was in the beginning. Moses was learning much about how hard the condition of the human heart could be.

2 Chronicles 36 – The book of 2 Chronicles ends with the fall of Judah. How sad to see the nation fall to the hands of the Babylonians and Jerusalem destroyed so soon after the reign of Josiah. It would be interesting to read 2 Chronicles 36 in conjunction with the books of Daniel and Jeremiah. Judah’s fall had everything to do with the nation continually rejecting God. A nation that honors God will prosper. There is no question about it. When we neglect God, and neglect His precepts, we are headed for trouble.

Romans 3:9-20 – There can be no question about where Paul stands on the righteousness of man after reading Romans 3:9-20. No man, woman, boy or girl is righteous. Not one of us have sought or understood God. We cannot pretend to be righteous because we follow the law, or say the right things. It is only through the righteousness of God that any of us can be found to be righteous. We all sin, and our sin has created a serious problem for humanity. We need a Savior. And, that Savior is Jesus Christ.