Notes from my Bible Study for February 23, 2010

Psalm 54, Genesis 49, 2 Chronicles 27, Acts 20:17‐21:16

Psalm 54 – I can’t imagine the pressure that David must have felt as he hid in fear of death by the hand of King Saul. Psalm 54 was a psalm that was written during this period of time in David’s life. Despite the fear, David knew that his help came from the LORD. He faithfully depended upon God to carry him when the days were darkest. In our darkest of days, when God is all we have, we must recognize that God is all we need.

Genesis 49 – In this historic chapter, Jacob blesses his sons and then dies. It is in this chapter that the future of the twelve tribes of Israel are foretold. Pay particular attention to what is said about the tribe of Judah, for this is the tribe that Messiah will come from.

2 Chronicles 27 – Jotham reigned over Jerusalem for sixteen years, and 2 Chronicles 27 records that he became mighty because he ordered his ways before the LORD his God. Once again we see how God works on behalf of His people when they remain faithful to him.

Acts 20:17‐21:16 – I love the way in which Paul speaks to the Ephesian elders in this passage. He tells them the hard truth that the church needs to hear. He also warns them of the difficulties that lay ahead for them as a church. Paul was a true shepherd to the flock. He told them the truth in love, and protected them from false teachers that might come their way. He is a great example of how those in spiritual leadership should serve those under our care.