Notes from my Bible Study for February 14, 2010

Today’s Reading: Psalm 45, Genesis 41:1‐36, 2 Chronicles 18:1‐19:3, Acts 11:19‐30

Psalm 45 – I live in the United States of America. Our land is not ruled by a monarch, but by three branches of government. One day, after this world has passed away, I will no longer be ruled by human leaders, but by God. It’s not that God doesn’t rule me now. He does. In a very real sense, all of us are under God’s rule and authority. It’s just that some of us submit to that rule, and other’s don’t. There will come a day when all will bow down at the throne of God. And, that throne is one that will never ever fade away.

When you think about all of the superpowers that have ruled portions of the globe over the years, a kingdom that has no end is a revolutionary thing. Not only is it revolutionary, it is wonderful, because God is the One Who will rule that kingdom. There will be no more sin. There will be no more death. There will be no more sorrow. There will be no end to His kingdom, and I stand in awe of that today.

Genesis 41:1-36 – There are two adjectives that really struck me as I read this passage today. The first is the word whole. “After two whole years, Pharaoh dreamed that he was standing by the Nile . . .”

Joesph had been waiting for the chief cupbearer to follow through on his promise for two whole years. That is a long time to wait! God still had work for Joseph in that prison cell. And, you can bet that some of that work was chiseling Joseph into who God was calling him to be. The writer really wanted us to understand that it had been a long time that Joseph had to wait.

The second adjective is the word quickly. It describes just how fast Joseph went from the pit to the palace. When God chooses to work, it can seem like a whirlwind! God had spent time forming Joseph into someone that He could use for His divine purposes, and Joseph was quickly restored.

When we are in the pit, we should remember the story of Joseph. He went from the pit to the palace quickly, after waiting for two whole years for a promise to be kept.

2 Chronicles 18:1-19:3 – It’s so interesting to read about Jehoshaphat’s alliance with Ahab, and to read the Chronicles telling of the story. We just read the 2 Kings account of this event in church, but the Chronicler gives an entirely different angle to the story. How sad that Jehoshaphat, the King of Judah, would align himself with Ahab, King of Israel. God’s wrath would bring Ahab to death and punishment for Jehoshaphat due to this alliance.

Acts 11:19-30 – I love the discipleship process that took place between Barnabas and Saul. Barnabas not only stood up for Saul when no one else would, he disciples him, and the two of them in turn discipled the Christians in the church at Antioch. Antioch was the first place that followers of Jesus were called Christians, which literally means “little Christ.” What a great name! May we all be little Christ’s, reflecting His glory and power, and holiness in our lives.