Notes from my Bible Study for Feburary 4, 2010

Today’s Reading: Psalm 34, Genesis 31, 2 Chronicles 8, Luke 24

Psalm 34 – David has experienced that God is good over and over again in his life when he writes Psalm 34. This passage is written after God had once again delivered David from great trouble.

David encourages the children of Israel to worship and magnify the Lord together with him. And then he says something marvelous in verse 8. “Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!”

Those who have experienced the grace and love of God know that these words are good. I talk to so many people who have rejected Christ for one reason or another. I can’t help but think if they would taste and see, they would experience that Christ is everything that they ever needed in life. He fills the longings of our heart better than anything this side of heaven.

So, taste and see that the LORD is good. Let us exalt his name together, forever!

Notes from my Bible Study for February 3, 2010

Today’s Reading: Psalm 33, Genesis 29:31‐30:43, 2 Chronicles 7, Luke 23:26‐56

Psalm 33 – Are you getting the idea that David liked to talk about the love of the Lord? David ends Psalm 33 with these words: “Let your steadfast love, O Lord, be upon us, even as we hope in you.”

If David knew anything about God, it is that his God knew how to show love to people who sometimes didn’t deserve it. David had failed God over and over again, and yet God was still so good to him. He marveled at the steadfast love of his powerful God.

What is it about God’s love that strikes you today?

Genesis 29:31-30:43 – You can speculate, just from reading this passage, that there will be trouble ahead for Jacob’s family. The rivalry that is brewing between his wives and the continued deceitful attitudes about so many things (children, flocks, etc.) reveal a family that is not yet trusting in Jehovah.

2 Chronicles 7 – What a chapter! How can one read the words of 2 Chronicles 7 and not be in awe of our God?

As soon as Solomon had finished his prayer of the dedication of the temple, fire came down from heaven and consumed all the burn offering and sacrifices and the glory of God filled the temple.

What a sight this must have been! I can hardly imagine seeing Solomon then sacrifice 22,000 oxen and 120,000 sheep.

But, even bigger than the fire that consumed the offering was the fact that God spoke to the people.

2 Chronicles 7:14 has long been one of my favorite Bible verses. Why? Because it details the plan for national repentance and blessing. God didn’t call heathens to repent in order for the land of Israel to be healed. He called for His chosen people to repent. If we want to see healing in America, or any other country, it is going to take God’s people humbling ourselves, praying turning from our wicked ways, and seeking God’s face, in order for our land to be healed.

The same powerful God that showed up in 2 Chronicles 7, wants to show up in your life today. Humble yourself. Pray, Turn from your wicked ways, and seek God’s face.

Luke 23:26-56 – As I read this passage tonight, I thought about the people mentioned in the crucifixion account.

First, there is Simon of Cyrene. Simon was from Africa. Most likely a black man, Simon stood out in the Jewish crowds. He was picked out to carry the cross for Jesus, and I wonder how he felt.

Then there are the “Daughters of Jerusalem,” whom Jesus picked out and told not to weep for Him, but for themselves and their children.

Then there were the criminals. One turned to Christ, the other mocked Him.

Then the soldiers, men who mocked Christ and gambled for his clothing.

Then there were those who were gathered in the temple, when the curtain was ripped in two. They aren’t mentioned by name, but there were some who were there.

Finally, I read of Joseph of Arimathea and some women who had come from Galilee.

All of these people’s stories were intertwined with Christ’s story. I’m sure many were changed by the crucifixion, and then the resurrection.

I praise God that he died for people like the soldiers and the criminal. I praise God that he died for you and for me. I stand in awe of His great sacrifice.