Notes from my Bible Study for February 2, 2010

Today’s Reading: Psalm 32, Genesis 29:1‐30, 2 Chronicles 6, Luke 22:47‐23:25

Psalm 32 – Psalm 32 is a very important passage. It records the joy that David felt after being forgiven. Most scholars believe that verses 3-4 speak of the time that David shut himself off to the Lord after his sin with Bathsheba. For almost two years, David did not speak with God. After being confronted by the Prophet Nathan, David repented and God forgave him.

Genesis 29:1-30 – Laban was as much a deceiver as his sister Rebekah. I wonder if he favored Leah over Rachel, or if he was just a father who didn’t think that Leah would ever find a husband because of her appearance. Either way, Jacob shows that he loves Rachel so much that he was willing to wait another week to marry her and then work another seven years for her hand in marriage.

2 Chronicles 6 – Solomon’s prayer for the dedication of the temple tells much of the history between the Children of Israel and God. His prayer would be a good primer for the people of Israel on what God had promised and how God had moved in Israel’s past.

Luke 22:47‐23:25 – It is difficult to read the words of Luke 22:47-23:25. As we do, we read about the betrayal, abuse, mock trials, and denial of our Savior. All of this is prior to Jesus actually going to the cross.

Jesus went through this abuse because of us. He came to earth to provide the means to salvation for man. We can be reconciled because of Christ’s death.

As you read through these passages, think about this — would a loving Father (God the Father) allow His only Son (Jesus) to go through these abuses, if in the end He was going to let everyone into heaven?

Of course not! Christ’s death was necessary for us and it is necessary for us to humble ourselves and accept his gift of salvation.