A Sermon By Josef Tson, The Man Who God Used to Call Me Into Ministry

I found a sermon online tonight from Josef Tson, a Romanian pastor who faced incredible persecution under the regime of Nicolae Ceauşescu, the former Secretary General of Romania. This is a sermon that Tson preached in 1989, about a year after I heard him speak at Liberty University’s mission conference when I surrendered my life to full-time Christian service. This is a 65-minute sermon, and worth the listen. When you have time, check it out. You will be blessed. He talks about revival.Here is the description from the web site: Exiled Romanian pastor Joseph Tson shares how the brutal persecution in his native land in the early 1970’s led many to the great sin of desiring to survive. Revival occurred when repentance and surrender to Jesus Christ were preached. He shares a very strong warning against the weaknesses that have crept into American evangelicalism, such as replacing ‘commitment’ for ‘surrender’ and ‘servant’ for ‘slave’.

This is a paradigm shifting message. I’m speaking on John 15 tomorrow morning at Woodbury Community Church, and this sermon relates so well to my message. Following Christ involves sacrifice. There are times that following Jesus will bring persecution with it. Nobody that I know understands and articulates this as well as Tson. He is one of my heroes.