My New Book Is Now Available

When I . . . 500 Sentence Finishers To Get Your Students Talking is now available at Christian bookstores around the country at at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. The book released on January 1st, and features 500 sentence finishers that all start with the phrase “when I. . .”

It’s a great book to use in classrooms, with youth groups, small groups, or around your family dinner table. You can order copies of the book by going here.

Here’s the desciption from the book’s back cover: Sometimes you just need the right question to get your students talking. (And then sometimes you can’t get them to stop talking!)

The latest in the best-selling Quick Questions series, When I… gives you 500 finish-the-sentence statements that will get students talking. With everything from silly to serious, you’ll get your students finishing sentences like:

• When I was a baby…
• When I have to confront somebody…
• When I see my parents kiss…
• When I see a homeless person…
• When I confess my sin…

Perfect for ice-breakers, road trips, small group discussions, or just about any other ministry setting, this is a useful resource for anyone in youth ministry, whether paid or volunteer, rookie or veteran.

When I… will open up opportunities for discussions and conversations that will draw students and leaders closer together and will lead to new insights into what’s happening in the hearts and minds of students.

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