The Congo Opportunity

Several years ago I watched the film Hotel Rwanda, and I was deeply moved. The Rwandan genocide was something that I, like most Americans, largely ignored. I dont’ want to make that same mistake again.

I’m in Nashville right now, just getting ready to fly back after spending a weekend with youth workers at the National Youth Workers Convention. Last night I caught Fox’s 24 movie event, in my hotel room. In the film, Jack Bauer rescues a group of African children from being recruited to be child soldiers in a war that leads to ethnic cleansing. It was good to see Fox trying to shed some light on a very real problem in our world.

Friends, there is another genocide taking place in our world today. This time it’s in the Congo. And, you can make a practical impact on what is happening there. World Relief is working with local churches and ministries to try to provide help for those who have been impacted by this genocide. Pleae take 4:43 to watch this plea for action from Lynne Hybels for action in Congo, and please take some more time to pray about what you can do.