Great Post on College Ministry and Churches in the Twin Cities

I came across a fascinating blog post yesterday as I was surfing the web. It’s by a guy named Benson Hines. He’s a seminary student at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he is working on his M.A. in Theology. While studying, he is conducting a fascinating experiment. He’s traveling to churches all across the nation to see what they are doing to reach young adults with the Gospel.

This past Sunday, Benson visited the Twin Cities. He attended a number of churches including, The Rock, Bethlehem Baptist, Sanctuary Covenant, Solomon’s Porch, Wooddale Church’s Gathering Service, and Bethel University’s Vespers Service. As I read his post, I have to admit that I got a bit tired! What a day. The churches that Hines visited are all churches that I am familiar with. I have the privilege of serving at Wooddale and have friends that either serve at or attend all of these other churches. It was great to read what a visitor thought about what he experienced.

If you are a student of churches or how churches are ministering to emerging generations you won’t want to miss this post. It offers a lot of food for thought.

You can read Benson’s blog HERE

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