Quality Posts

Richard Mouw, the President of Fuller Theological Seminary posts on the quality of preaching. It is worth a read. You can find Mouw’s unique insight HERE.

Chris Brooks posts on the sad story of 90 Day Jane, a woman planning her own suicide in 90 days. You can read Chris’ excellent insight HERE.

There are a couple of nice articles on my new book,
What’s The Deal With. . . available HERE and HERE.

Jennifer Schulenburg, my much wiser and smarter younger sister shares her insight on ministry and the high calling of drawing people to the foot of the cross HERE.

Youthworkers can receive a free promo package for the new Naria film, Prince Caspian HERE.

Greg Stier posts on what is worth fighting over in his post, Fight Club For Christians located HERE.

A review of Frank Viola and Geoge Barna’s new book, Pagan Christianity, may be found right HERE. The book is a disturbing one, and the review raises some great questions.

So, just what is it that makes a church healthy? Find out many different views HERE.

Oh, and just for fun — I love baseball, and pitchers and catchers reported earlier this week (at least for my beloved Cubs). So, check out ESPN’s Jayson Stark’s summary of the offseason that was HERE.

Happy reading!

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