Instructions for a Sheep

Psalm 119:176 – “I have strayed like a lost sheep. Seek your servant, for I have not forgotten your commands.”

It’s amazing how easy it is for us to stray from that which we know is right. There is not a person who has ever lived, who has not strayed. The prophet Isaiah wrote, “We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all” (Isaiah 53:6).

As David ends this incredible Psalm, and this 176 day experiment in spiritual renewal comes to an end, we are given hope. Hope that, like a shepherd, God will seek after his lost sheep. God will remember us, as we remember His commands. He loves us. And, like David has reminded us throughout this Psalm, God wants our love. He wants our worship. He wants us to follow His law. He is a jealous God, and his jealousy is a holy jealousy that does not want Satan to win.

So, we’ve done it. We’ve come through 176 days of Psalm 119. Have we learned the lessons of this Psalm? Are we willing to live for God? Are we willing to learn His desire for our lives and chase after it? Are we willing to have one pure and holy passion? I hope so. How awesome would it be to see a generation of people rise up and live the life that God has called them to live? How awesome would it be to be a part of the few, the called, the redeemed? Follow the call, and live!

Dear God,

Thank You for Your holy call on our lives to follow You. Help us to continue to walk in Your ways. Thank You for Your patience. Thank You that You choose to use us. You are good and Your love endures forever!

In Jesus’ name,


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