Longing for God

Psalm 119:174 – “I long for your salvation, O LORD, and your law is my delight.”

There are only three more days left in our precious journey through Psalm 119. These 174 days have changed my life. At the beginning of this journey, I took a look at Charles Spurgeon’s insights into Psalm 119. As we reach the end of the study, I take another look at Spurgeon’s take on Psalm 119. There were many simple things that Spurgeon gleaned from verse 174. The one that struck me the most was how Spurgeon handled the beginning of the verse. Speaking of David’s longing for God’s salvation, Spurgeon wrote,

“This longing arises, 1. From a painful consciousness of the need of salvation. 2. From a perception of the glories of God’s salvation. 3. From the promises which gave assurance of the possibility of obtaining this salvation. 4. From the gracious promptings of the Holy Ghost.”

I love that! All four of Spurgeon’s insights reveal the depth of David’s longing. We, like David, can understand the painful consciousness of the need of salvation. We need God’s salvation. He knows that. We know that. And, some of us are just stubborn enough to ignore it. May we not be so!

If you have experienced God’s salvation today, thank God for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Thank Him for His Spirit’s prompting on your heart. Thank Him for His mercy in drawing you to Him. Rejoice! You are His!

Dear God,

How good it is to be Your child! We have truly been blessed. Help us to remember why it is that we long for You, and help us to drink at Your well, which brings satisfaction.

In Jesus’ name,




Psalm 119:173 – “May your hand be ready to help me, for I have chosen your precepts.”

Things haven’t worked out exactly like you planned them. You find yourself at a breaking point. You’ve burned bridges with those who have helped you before. Where do you turn for help?

Your marriage is in crisis. If you don’t act quickly it could be too late. You are afraid. Where do you turn for help?

You child is rebelling. You have done everything humanly possible to raise your child in a way that pleases God. You’ve asked others for help, but nothing seems to work. Where do you turn for help?

The bills pile up quicker than they used to. They are more expensive too. You no longer have enough money to make even the minimum payments. The creditors are breathing down your neck. Where do you turn for help?

It’s amazing how God is often times the last place that we turn to for help. We exhaust all of our human relationships, hoping to find the answer on our own. God knows what we are going through. It’s no mystery to Him. He wants to be the place that we turn to for help first. May we, like David, cry out to God for His help. I love the rationale that David gives for beseeching Almighty God for help. He says that he has followed God’s precepts. I wonder what kind of help we would need if we followed all of God’s laws. Probably a lot less than most of us do right now. Our human solutions to problems are often the antithesis of what God would call us to do. And, after following our solutions we end up screaming out, “Help!” Maybe if we had lived the way that God had commanded in the first place, “Help!” would have never been yelled.

That isn’t to say that those who follow God’s commands don’t ask for help. David is insinuating in this verse that he had done just that. He had followed God’s commands and he still needed heavenly intervention. God loves to help those who have lived the way that He has commanded. Know that God was ready to answer David in a favorable way. He’ll do the same for you. Put Him first, and He will bless you. Jesus said, in the Sermon on the Mount, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matthew 6:33). Sounds like a great way to live!

Dear God,

Help! Help us with the issues that we are facing today. Help us to remember to come to You before running elsewhere for help. Help us to remember to live life with a kingdom perspective. And, help us to please You with our lives.

In Jesus’ name,