The Extravagant Love Of A Teenage Boy

Psalm 119:169 – “May my cry come before you, O LORD; give me understanding according to your word.”

I read an article in BGC World recently. It’s the denominational magazine for the Baptist General Conference. The article was written by a pastor named Dan Schaeffer, and was about something that his teenage son did. The 17-year-old boy loved guitars. He dreamt about purchasing an expensive electric guitar that cost well over $1000. After saving his funds for over a year, the boy and his father purchased the guitar.

Some time later, the boy asked if he called talk to his dad. He took his dad aside and said that while he was praying a few days earlier he sensed God asking Him, “Andrew, how much do you love me?” Then he added, “Dad, I took the guitar and smashed it to pieces. I threw it in the trash a few days ago.”

His dad was floored. He said something about not understanding whey his son would do such a thing. And then his son gave him a look that told Dan that he just didn’t get it.

Later on Dan would think about the biblical account of Mary’s extravagant love for Jesus with the alabastar jar filled with perfume that cost over a year’s wages. She showed Christ love by breaking that jar and annointing Jesus with the perfume. Jesus disciples were indignant. They didn’t get it. Jesus praised her (See John 12:1-7 for the complete story).

When I read today’s verse, I thought about how Mary in the Bible, and Andrew in Dan Schaeffer’s story understood God. They understood God’s desire to be shown extravagant love. When is the last time you showed Him extravagant love?

I love the way that Schaeffer finished his story. He wrote, “I’m tired of being reasonable and restrained – that I can witness an act of extravagant love towards Jesus and instantly think ‘waste.’ It’s time to be extravagant. With Christ it’s exactly what’s called for.”

Let’s be extravagant people!

Dear God,

Thank You for demonstating to us what extravagance is. You showed us how to be extravagant when you gave us Your Son. Give us understanding on how to love You.

In Jesus’ name,