David Resolve

Psalm 119:157 – “Many are the foes who persecute me, but I have not turned from your statutes.”

Several years ago I spent some time with Darrell Scott, father of the first Columbine High School victim, Rachel Scott. He is an extraordinary man. I was stuck by how a man, who had been through such pain in his life, could choose to still give glory to God in spite of that pain. A former pastor who went through a painful divorce, and then lost his daughter to an unspeakable tragedy, Scott decided to not wallow in his losses, but to try his best to make something beautiful out of the ashes. I’m not sure that I could have done what Scott has done. Scott has, what after 157 days in Psalm 119, I now refer to as David Resolve. That is that he has decided that no matter what the circumstances of his life, he will follow God. Columbine produced a number of martyrs. They were young Christian men and women who decided to stand up for Christ in the face of death. They too had David Resolve.

I wonder what it would take to get us to turn away from God? Maybe what we’d find is that like Darrell Scott and the Columbine martyrs that faced with the most difficult of circumstances we would stand firm. I hope that is the case. I want to be a man who shows David Resolve. I hope you do too!

Dear God,

May we be men and women who stand for You no matter the cost. Help us to live lives that bring glory to You and make You look good to the world around us.

In Jesus’ name,


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