His Promises Are Trustworthy

Psalm 119:140 – “Your promises have been thoroughly tested, and your servant loves them.”

A few years ago somebody gave me a book with many of the promises of God listed in it. It is one of the most encouraging books that I own. I don’t turn to it as often as I should, but every time I do, I am blessed. I love the promises of God.

David did too. He proclaims in this verse that God’s promises have been tested and that he loves them.

What are some of your favorite promises?

The book that was given to me was really just a list of verses from the Bible. Read Scripture and you’ll see promises from God sprinkled throughout its text. God’s promises include promises about His character, the future, and our lives. God’s promises include His covenants to His people. His promises are beautiful, and they are for you. Discover them, today!

Dear God,

Thank You for your righteous promises. They are good, and we are grateful. They are always kept. Help us to reflect your character of trustworthiness as we make our promises.

In Jesus’ name,