Spiritaul Exhaustion

Psalm 119:139 – “My zeal wears me out, for my enemies ignore your words.”

This past week, our senior highers had a very special prayer service. It was a time for them to spend an hour with God in prayer. Before we went into prayer I read a passage from one of E.M. Bounds’ classic works on prayer. Bounds lived from 1835-1913, and wrote so many great works on prayer. They are now available for free download at web sites such as: THIS.

In his classic book, Power Through Prayer, Bounds shared a quote from Richard Baxter. The quote had made an impression on Bounds. Baxter had once written, “Recreation to a minister must be as whetting is with the mower—that is, to be used only so far as is necessary for his work. May a physician in plague-time take any more relaxation or recreation than is necessary for his life, when so many are expecting his help in a case of life and death? Will you stand by and see sinners gasping under the pangs of death, and say: ‘God doth not require me to make myself a drudge to save them?’ Is this the voice of ministerial or Christian compassion or rather of sensual laziness and diabolical cruelty.”

Wow! That is dedication. And, I think it’s the kind of dedication that is lacking in many of us today. The world desperately needs Jesus Christ. And, it is our responsibility to make Him known. The Holy Spirit does the work of drawing people to Christ, but He uses us to share the message.

David’s knew a thing or two about spiritual exhaustion. That’s what we find him addressing in Psalm 119:139. His zeal for the Lord wore him out; especially when his oppressors wanted nothing to do with Christ. Walking with Christ will sometimes wear us out, but that shoud not preclude us from continuing to walk. Everything about Christ is worth following and sharing with the world. Let yourself get exhausted, He will refresh you!

Dear God,

Thank You for Your call to radical commitment. Help us be people who follow You no matter the cost. Refresh us when we are worn out. Give us zeal to keep on walking. And, may we always see the world with the eyes of Christ; with eyes of compassion and love.

In Jesus’ name,


Back From Guatemala

I’m back from Guatemala a bit earlier than expected. On Friday night, on our way to Rio Dulce, we were involved in a two car accident. The SUV that we were driving was totalled, and the truck that we hit was damaged too.

Please pray for a Guatemalan man named Alfredo. He sustained some significant injuries in the crash. God’s faithfulness was seen in the crash. Had we hit the truck a second sooner, it would have been a full head on collision, and I think we would have died. Alfredo had two passengers in his truck who sustained minor injuries. All four people in our SUV are dealing with back, neck and shoulder pain. It could have been so much worse.

Pray for our missionary, Jaime Lopez. Jaime was driving the SUV, and the accident is considered his fault. He was passing a semi on a two lane road, and skidded when he tried to put on his brakes. It had been raining. We ran right into the other truck. Guatemalan law is very different than U.S. law in this regard. The police came to the scene, and upon their arrival Jaime had six hours to rectify things with the family. In the end he had to sign a letter agreeing to be responsible for all of Alfredo’s medical bills and truck repairs. The insurance did not do what thy were supposed to agree to. So, Jamie is stressed. Had he not signed the papers he would have gone to jail. That is not an alternative one wants to take in Guatemala.

We did not get to meet with any of the pastors or missionaries that we were scheduled to met with. So, please be in prayer for our summer trip as well.

I’ll write more later, but we are grateful to be alive, and have heavy hearts for Alfredo and Jaime.