A Beautiful Promise

Psalm 119:132 – “Turn to me and have mercy on me, as you always do to those who love your name.”

There are thousands of people around the world who make a habit out of claiming the promises of Scripture in their prayers to God. Maybe you are one of them. I know that on many occassions I have been one of them. There is nothing wrong with praying this way. In fact, it is a beautiful way to communicate with God. Just make sure that as you claim God’s promises in your prayers that you are not making God out to be some kind of a cosmic genie who will grant your request because you have followed the correct formula in getting His attention.

That said, Psalm 119:132 is a beautiful promise of God. And, David, prays like one of those people who like to pray asking God to deliver on God’s promise. The promise is that God always has mercy on those who loves His name.

That is not to say that God will not at times, correct us. Mercy is sometimes giving us what we can’t see that we need. Mercy is not always the easy way out.

Aren’t you glad that we have a God who acts in perfect mercy? When He lavishes us with His mercy, it is an act of love, not judgment. His mercy, as freeing as mercy can be, may sometimes feel like punishement. God had mercy on King David when He confronted David with his sin through the prophet Nathan. He also had mercy on David when he allowed the ruddy teenage boy to defeat the warrior/giant Goliath. These are two very different ways of showing mercy, but they ultimately led to a deeper walk with Christ and a better life for David.

God will always act with mercy to those who love His name. Are you a child of God today? Do you love His name? Rejoice that God is acting with mercy towards you today. Not the least of which is the mercy of salvation.

Dear God,

You act in perfect mercy towards Your children. You are the Beautiful Redeemer. Thank You for redeeming man. Help us to reach out the world around us with Your perfect love.

In Jesus’ name,


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