The Lens of Scripture

Psalm 119:99 – “I have more insight than all my teachers, for I meditate on your statutes.”

I hope that you’ve had a chance to go beyond just reading these blog entries and that you have had the chance to meditate upon the Scriptures on which they are based. Today’s Bible verse talks about the value of meditation. In David’s life, biblical meditation yielded great insight. He knew how to face life’s circumstances head on because of the insight that he had gained from the study of God’s Word.

Year’s ago I heard a pastor say that he read the newspaper with one hand and the Bible with the other. In other word’s he looked at life’s circumstances with a biblical world view. Do you think that really works? I do. I believe that when we look at the headlines of the day through the lens of Scripture we have more insight than those who do not. When we read about atrocities in other countries, the Christian should be motivated to act, becaue Jesus has compassion for those who have no voice. When we read about injustice we should be motivated to act, because Jesus cares about justice. When we elect our leaders that decision should be made through the lens of Scripture. Are the people that we are voting for people who display the biblical characteristics of leaders? Are the lawmakers that we are electing people who care about God’s laws?

As you walk through life, may you see things through the lens of Scripture. Let God be your guide as you navigate life’s journey.

Dear God,

You offer insight to those who seek You. Thank You for Your perfect will. Help us to seek to understand Your will and honor You with the choices that we make. You are great and Your knowlege is a gift. We love You and seek to glorify You with our lives.

In Jesus’ name,


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