Always On My Mind

Psalm 119:54 – “Your decrees are the theme of my song wherever I lodge.”

This evening, I’ll be taking a group of about 75 people on our annual Senior High Fall Retreat. I love retreats. They give people an opportunity to get away from the pressures of every day life and reflect on what it is that God wants to teach them. Our theme for this weekend is Extraordinary: When God Uses Ordinary People to Accomplish Extraordinary Things. I’d appreciate your prayers as we go with our students.

I couldn’t help but think about our weekend retreat as I read Psalm 119:54. David talks about God’s decrees being the theme of his song wherever he lodged. David was a musician. He loved to sing. The Psalms are really a songbook that David and a few others composed to God. And, this Psalm, in particular is all about God’s decrees. But the part that struck me about this verse what David’s longing to sing of God’s decree wherever it was that he lodged. David lodged in many places. He was hotly pursued by enemies, and his lodging became a cave. He knew what it was like to lodge in a field with sheep and in a castle with servants. Wherever David went, God was always on his mind.

It reminds me of the old Elvis Presley song Always On My Mind.

Elvis’ divorce from Priscilla kept her on his mind constantly. It’s sad. And yet, in a beautiful way, God wants to be on our mind constantly. He is a jealous God. He desires fellowship with us. So, throughout your day today, focus on Him. Focus on His desires for your life. Focus on His presence. And, may you, like David, constantly have a song on your lips, of praise for all that God has done for you.

Dear God,

Thank You that we can count on the fact that You will never leave us or forsake us. You are faithful and true to Your word. Help us to live in constant awareness of Your presence. Help us to live this and every day as if You were walking alongside of us. Because, You are. And, that is beautiful.

In Jesus’ name,