Faith in Difficult Circumstances

Psalm 119:51 – “The arrogant mock me without restraint, but I do not turn from your law.”

Have you ever been made fun of because of your faith? My guess is that David was. It could be that the mocking that David talks about in Psalm 119:51 was over something else. Either way, it hurt. No one likes to be mocked. No one likes to be mocked in the way that David was mocked either. It was extreme. The mocking went on without restraint. Perhaps the mocking was aimed at his family. Maybe it was at the way that he governed. Maybe it was at his beliefs. It was so bad that David could only describe it as a mocking that showed no restraint.

How would you respond in that circumstance? I think it would be tough. I might even be tempted to blame God, or to turn my back on him.

Not David. David says that he won’t turn from God’s law.

Now that’s devotion. And, that is what God desires from us.

Not long ago I heard about some missionaries in an Islamic country. The missionaries had served in this country for many years. They had a few friends that served on the field with them, and among them was another couple, around the same age, who served many miles away.

This past year, tragedy struck. The friends of the missionary couple that I know were martyred for their faith in Jesus Christ. The couple that I know have made the heroic decision to replace their friends — to go to the site where their friends were martyred and continue their work. Talk about faith in difficult circumstances.

So, how’s your faith? What would it take to shake your faith? How do you live out your faith in the difficult circumstances of life? Keep trusting! God loves you and He believes in you.

Dear God,

When times are tough and our faith is weak, help us to trust in you. When we are tired and hopeless, bring back hope. When we are tempted help us to never stray. Help us to live for you no matter the cost!

In Jesus’ name,