Loving God’s Commands

Psalm 119:47 – “for I delight in your commands because I love them.”

Do you love the commands of God?

I was at lunch a while ago with a person who had walked away from God. He was searching in all the wrong places for fulfillment in life. He knew that he should probably come back to God, but he didn’t want God, or anyone else for that matter, telling him how to live.

God loves you. His commands are not meant to ruin your life, they are meant to enhance your life. They are meant to protect you and to show you the best way to live.

Celebrate His commands as you do whatever it is that you are going to do this weekend. Learn to love His commands, because they are His desires for us.

Dear God,

The weekend is here. This is the time of the week that many like to check out on their relationship with you for awhile. Help us to love your commands and to follow you no matter what. Thank you that your commands are good and trustworthy and worthy of being followed.

In Jesus’ name,