What Really Matters

Psalm 119:37 – “Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to your word.”

Are you ever amazed at how much time you spend on things that won’t really matter when all is said and done? I know that I’m guilty of that.

So, how do we determine what things are worthwhile pursuits and what aren’t? Is it wrong, for example, to have wealth?

No. It’s wrong if wealth has you.

Is it wrong to have hobbies that require excessive amounts of time? No. It’s wrong if our hobbies have us.

Is it wrong to sin? Of course. We can all agree that sin is a worthless thing to pursue. But, sin, catches our eye all too often. The temptation to puruse that which displeases God is ever present.

David knew this. He asked God to actually turn his eyes away from sinful things. He was incapable of this without the assistance of God. And, so are we.

All too often the good things in our life can begin sin when we allow them to crowd God out of the place that He so rightly deserves. May we never allow anything to creep into our life and take the place that God deserves. All such things are worthless.

What really matters? God. Life is about God. Pursue Him with all that you have.

Dear God,

Like David, we ask that You would turn our eyes from sinful things. Help us to pursue You with everything that we have, everything that we are, and everything that we hope to be. You are worthy.

In Jesus’ name,