Psalm 119:36 – “Turn my heart toward your statutes and not toward selfish gain.”

How easy is it for you to get distracted?

It’s pretty easy for me. I’ve often times wondered if I have Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.). I don’t remember A.D.D. being checked for when I was growing up. Nowadays, when I hear the profile of the ADD person, I say, “That sounds like me.”

Do you ever feel like you have Spiritual A.D.D.? You plan to spend time with God but that time gets crowded out by so many other things. I think that’s the point David was trying to make in Psalm 119:36. He wanted God to help him care more about God than anything else in his life. For David, the big request was that he wouldn’t desire selfish gain, or wealth, more than he desired God. It might be something else for you.

Is there something that distracts you from God?

I ran across this video on YouTube today. I did a Google search on the words “Spiritual A.D.D.” and this video came up. It’s thought provoking and worth watching.

Dear God,

Help us not to get distracted in our relationship with You. Help us to desire You more than anything that this world has to offer. Take away our spiritual A.D.D. and lead us in Your ways.

In Jesus’ name,