The Yearning

Psalm 119:5 – “Oh, that my ways were steadfast in obeying your decrees.”

When I was a child there was nothing that my heart desired more than an Atari video game system. It was the must have Christmas item of 1977. One by one I watched my friends acquire this system. And, the more friends that acquired it, the more my desire for it grew. Have you ever desired something like that?

Our family never purchased an Atari. Eventually my desire for an Atari was replaced with the desire for even greater video game systems. That was replaced by the desire for a cool car, a girlfriend, a great job, etc.

I don’t know that I truly felt a desire for God that was as intense as my desire for things until my freshman year of college. I loved money, and my desire for things had convinced me that I was to pursue a degree that would put me on the fast track for career advancement and high yield investments. That freshman year a speaker came to our college campus and talked about our desire for God. I realized that my yearning for God was minimal, at best. God wanted my all. Real lordship demanded full hearted devotion.

These past few days, as I’ve studied Psalm 119:1-5, I’ve been continually reminded about God’s desire for me to yearn for Him more than anything else. I think this is the idea that the psalmist is trying to convey when he begins verse five with the word, Oh. You can almost hear the urgency in his voice as your read this passage. The psalmist has been sharing with us about those who are blessed and the way that they walk. He has called these people blameless and seekers of God. And, it seems to be that even the psalmist longed to be this kind of man.

So, how’s the yearning?

Does your heart yearn for the things of God?

If not, ask God to help develop in you a passion for the things of God. Ask God to help you get your eyes off this world, and all of its trappings, and onto Him. He longs for you to long for Him.

Dear God,

Help me to long for you. Help me to be like the psalmist, and to be one who can’t stand the thought of not pleasing you. Help my life to be a praise to you. Help my life to marked as one that is characterized by the touch of God in it. Thank you for your grace. Thank you for your love.

In Jesus’ name,