Praise God!

I just got off the phone with my Mom and Dad and the news “couldn’t be better.” Mom’s visit with the wound care doctor revealed that she will NOT need to have an amputation. She is going to heal. It will take time, (weeks, maybe months) but there is no blood poisoning. She will begin physical therapy tomorrow to help strengthen her muscles.

Thanks for your prayers.

Continued Prayers for Mom

Thank you all for your prayers for my Mom. She has been back in Illinois since Saturday and was able to see her primary doctor yesterday. She is seeing a wound specialist today. While in Turkey Mom developed a number of sores on her body due to being in bed for so long. Those sores have become infectious. It is not a good thing for a diabetic to have leg sores, and Mom has several of them. Her dad lost his legs due to blood poisining that developed in his legs. We are fearful that Mom could be headed towards a similar path. We’ll find out later on today. I’ll keep you all posted. But, we’d sure appreciate the prayers.