Last Post From Istanbul

It’s happening. It’s really happening. I think each one of us have taken turns over the past couple of weeks wondering if we would ever be leaving Istanbul. And now, it really is happening. We’re sitting in Mom’s hospital room with keen awareness that sometime in the next couple of hours we’ll be leaving this room.

So, we thank God.

Thank you God, for a miraculous healing. Thank you that what we were told was Legionella, and then were told was pneumonia, really turned out just to be a severe lung infection; an infection that you chose to heal. Thank you for healing Mom’s encephilitus too.

Thank you God, for friends and family. We’ve been told so many times throughout this ordeal about how strong we are. But, God, you know we were weak. And, it was the prayers of our friends and family that sustained us. So, thanks for strong friends. For, godly friends. Thanks for their love and support.

Thank you God that you are still the God of miracles. You are still the God of mystery. You are still the God who will do as You please. Thank you for being You.

Thank you God for Turkey and the Turkish people. Thank you for allowing us to be in this land that so desperately needs You. Thank you for allowing us to get a bigger vision for what this world that you created looks like.

Thank you God for health. We so often times take for granted that tomorrow will come. Thank you that you sustain us day by day. Help us not to forget that our lives depend not upon us, but you.

Thank you God for grace. We don’t deserve it, and You have lavished it upon us.

Thank you God for home. We are excited to go back where you have allowed us to live. We’re thankful for the friends and family that are there. We are thankful for the lives that you have given us there. We are grateful for the homes that you have provided. We are excited to get back.

Thank you God for provision. You have taken care of our needs. We are grateful for the way that you take care of your children.

In the Precious name of Jesus,

Brian (for the rest of the family).

8 thoughts on “Last Post From Istanbul

  1. Dear Bea, Gordy, Jenny, & Brian,AMEN & AMEN!!! What an answer to prayer. I don’t know if you were listening to WMBI at 8:10 this morning but I’m sure they were talking about you Bea. I only heard the last part of what was said and it went something like this … who got sick while in Turkey and is listening to us via the internet. My prayer now is that an International SOS doctor has been found and that you all have a safe trip HOME!! What a wonderful reunion you all will be having at the airport!!Love,Barbie

  2. Dear FriendsI rejoice in the good news of Brian’s last post. I’ll be praying that you have a safe and smooth trip home. What a wonderful reunion awaits you and the rest of your family. Thanks Brian, for keeping everyone so well informed with your blogs. It’s been a blessing to me to reconnect with your family thru this tramatic time. We sure do have a most wonderful and awesome God and continue to praise Him for his loving watchcare over us. Love, Louise

  3. Welcome home, Brian.By the time you read this you will be at home in Minnesota. What an experience you have had! We are so thankful for your willingness to leave your family in Minnesota and go half way around the world to help your mom, dad and sister. God is so good. He has restored your mom and provided a way home for all of you – just as we all prayed He would. I have been thanking Him continually for His faithfulness.Say “hello” to Cyndi and your children from their Aunt Marijean and Uncle Dick here in the California desert.Our love,Dick and MJ

  4. Dear Bea, Gordy, Jenny, & Brian,I just opened Marlene’s e-mail from last night saying that you all made it safely home … PTL!!! I’m sure it feels SO good to be back. I forgot to mention a few days ago that I have been forwarding all of the updates to Don & Ruth Thompson, as they have been keeping the Gideon’s apprised of all of your progress. Love you guys, and again, WELCOME HOME!!!Love,Barbie, Ed, Kimmy, & Matt

  5. hey Brian,I was gone the past weekend up at sonshine (which was fabulous by the way), but I was thinking and praying for your family while I was gone, and I’m so glad to hear that God worked things perfectly to allow your mom to get home safely!! I’ll continue to pray for her complete recovery. God is so good! It’s really nice to have you back home as well. Thanks for all of your commitment to us, at the same time as your commited to your family!!In Him,elizabeth z.

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