Worship His Majesty!

As my mom and I sit in her fifth floor hospital room eating lunch, the window is slightly ajar and the gentle breeze cools the room. Shortly after we bow our heads and thank God for our meal, we hear the call to worship Allah ring out through the city of Istanbul. A man with a beautiful voice chants Arabic phrases that declare the greatness of Allah. Few people in Istanbul understand Arabic, but they dutifully file into the mosques dotting the landscape of this city.

A few moments ago, my mom and I were singing praises declaring the greatness of our God. Our clarion call is not heard across an entire city; it simply fills the sterile walls of her solitary hospital room. But the greatness of our God–the God of the Bible revealed in and through the person of Jesus Christ–surrounds the Turks. His majesty is proclaimed in the white, fluffy clouds that pepper the sky and the birds that sing of His glory and the faces of Turks who have been made in His image and are stamped with the fingerprint of Almighty God.

And so, this afternoon, we want to first and foremost offer praise to our God for what He has done. Here are some of my mom’s most recent accomplishments through the strength and power of God:

1. She was able to walk around her room today, taking slow, but steady steps.

2. All of the tubes have been removed from her body. Even the IV port has been extracted!

3. She has not needed any nebulizer treatments today.

4. The doctors have said my mom is stable enough to fly back home this Saturday! She will need to be accompanied by a medical professional in case of an emergency.

Our greatest prayer request right now is that we can obtain five tickets on the one and only non-stop flight this Saturday from Istanbul to Chicago. My mom and the medical professional will need to fly business or first class, but my dad, brother, and I are more than content to fly coach. This is a lot to arrange and request in a very short amount of time, but I am confident that God will work out all of the details if it be His will. And we will worship and extol the majesty of our great God regardless.

Thank you for your continued prayers and all of the encouraging comments that you leave. You are all such a blessing to our entire family.

Our Gratitude,
Jenny (on behalf of my brother, dad, and mom too)

5 thoughts on “Worship His Majesty!

  1. Good morning Bea and family!And thankfully you have had another good day! I am so thankful to our wonderful God for all He has done in your life during this time. And what a witness you all have been, from what I read in Brian’s blog. Wow – 2 more days and you will be able to fly home! God has truly answered the prayers of many. And I will continue to pray that the travel arrangements will go smoothly with God’s hand on every detail. He is able!!!!!Have a great evening and night!Love, Louise

  2. Hey everyone!! It is so encouraging to hear that everything is continuing to go so well! You don’t know how badly I want to be at that airport when you land in Chicago!! Mom, it was good to hear your voice the other day. I am so glad that God has chosen to heal you and give us more time with you. The kids baseball seasons end this weekend. It is hard to believe how fast the summer is going. We have taught Muffy how to hush which has been a great relief! It is a beautiful day here in MN. Sunny, mid 70’s, with a breeze. I have the windows open and can hear the sounds of many birds. I have been busy in the backyard while Brian has been away. It will be so fun to show you some day. I know how much you appreciate the outdoors. I have planted some raspberry bushes – you will have to time your visit just right next year. Maybe I could figure out how to make that berry tart you like so much in a sugar free version! I can hardly believe what a change from last weekend to now. I suppose I should not be surprised though. We serve such a powerful God. Do you remember visiting my sunday school class? I sent them an email and they have been praying for you too. Isn’t it amazing how many people have been raised up to pray?? Breanna has been hired by her teacher to water her flowers while she is away on vacation. Chris has a weekly(and sometimes more) babysitting job for a family that lives behind us. JJ is enjoying learning how to play more complicated strategy games this summer. Zach is just happy go lucky and likes everything! THe kids have really helped out while Brian has been away. It is nice to have older kids that can do more. The flowers Brian sent me are beautiful. There are gladiolas, dahlias and some others I don’t recognize. Speaking of flowers, I planted asters, cone flowers, phlox, tiger lillies, hollyhock, tickseed, dianthus, jacob’s ladder, daisies, false sunflowers, balloon flowers, spirea and some more but I can’t remember their names. JJ and Zach have some veggies planted. We have already harvested some tomatoes, and red bell peppers. So far they haven’t made it in the house – they get eaten right away! We grew them in pots this year on our deck. It has been great for keeping the critters away. The kids are just waking up now so I will close. Hope you enjoy the chatty note. Love, Cyndi

  3. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Happy Day Bea, We are so grateful for your continuing recovery. It’s a beautiful sunny day here- just like you, beautiful and sunny.Everyone, We pray for your all together and safe flight home on Saturday. We love you,Diane, Christy and Aunt Mary

  4. JenI am so glad your mom is walking and is able to fly on Saturday. Praise God. Your faith and continual obedience to praise in all circumstances is an encouragement to all of us!I hope to see you very soon after you get home!Bea, You are almost home- I am so eager to hear that you have landed and are home with your family. In the last few days I remember the lasagna dinner you made for the missions task force, you provided so much for us, salad, yummy bread, and pasta- Wow, Yum, you served us by cooking for us,and you smiled the whole time we were together that afternoon. When you are serving, your face lights up- it is amazing- You delight in helping others, and it is evident that your servant’s heart and love for other people comes from Christ living in you.now it is your turn to rest, and be served, we love you.Gordon,What a godly man you are. I miss your family- I know God is doing a great thing, people are hearing about our God in the midst of the calls to worship for Alla. Our Mighty King, Jesus Christ is honored by your trusting Him through all of these circumstances.I look forward to having you back home.Candy

  5. Dear Bea,I am so glad to hear you are flying home this weekend. That is what we prayed for at the prayer service last Saturday. We look forward to seeing you soon.Wayne H.

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