We’re Coming Home!

The good news just keeps getting better! Mom has had another great day at the hospital. The doctors have given clearance for Mom to be released tomorrow. Jennifer asked for prayer earlier today that we would all get flights home on Saturday. God has answered that prayer! I’ll be flying Air France home and be in Minnesota on Saturday evening. Mom, Dad, and Jennifer are all flying Turkish Airlines. They have a direct flight from Istanbul to O’Hare Airport. Our flights are just 30 minutes apart.

Our final prayer request is that a doctor from International SOS will be able to fly with Mom. We have yet to get confirmation on this.

Thank you again for all that you have done. We value your prayers and e-mails.

In Him,


11 thoughts on “We’re Coming Home!

  1. Praise God for answered prayers! It’s so exciting to see when God works. A friend told me that when God opens the doors we’d better be ready to run! And now you are going to be running home! What a happy reunion when you get there. I’m excited for you and continue to praise God for his watchcare over your family. I’ll continue to pray for a safe and uneventful trip home. Praise Him! Praise Him! His mighty love is beyond our human comprehension!Love to all of you,Louise

  2. Hooray for wonderful news and answered prayers! Know that we will pray for all those last minute details and especially for the flight itself. Karna and family

  3. Praise the Lord! We’re praying for you all to have safe trips home to Minnesota and here to Geneva. I find it completely amazing that you’ve been able to listen to WMBI all the way over there, via the internet. And for the doctors and nurses to be able to hear that whenever they walk in to your room…..all I can say is God is truely AWSOME. My husband and I continue to pray for you every day and every night and for your family.Love,Kristen (Lohr) Winnike

  4. Dear Bea and Gordon,We are SO THANKFUL that YOU GOT flights booked and they are non-stop to O’Hare!!! And Jen will be with you and Brian has a flight to Mpls. and only a 30 min. interval in flights!! And we pray that by now you have a doctor lined up to travel with you also. WOW. What an amazing God we serve. And we pray for that same amazing God to be revealed to those who do not know Him. Yes, as Jenny said it is wonderful to know that “the greatness of our God–the God of the Bible revealed in and through the person of Jesus Christ– surrounds the Turks. His majesty is proclaimed in the white, fluffy clouds that pepper the sky and the birds that sing of His glory and the faces of Turks who have been made in His image and are stamped with the fingerprint of Almighty God.” Yes, GOD DOES MAKE HIMSELF KNOW as Romans 1:19 -20 says: “Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.”Ephesians 3:20-21 “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.”WE LOVE YOU!Mar & Larry

  5. This is awesome news! We do indeed give God all the glory and praise! I will be praying for a safe flight and for the doctor to accompany you.With Love,Tim Besch

  6. We are sooo excited to see you on Saturday, welcoming you with open arms. The kids are just soo excited to see you as well. They just cannot wait. They ask several times a day, “When does Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Jenny get home?” Now it’s almost 1 more day. Yeah. We can’t wait. Love you all sooo much. Melissa, Kevin, Christina, Luke and Rebecca

  7. Hi Schulenburg Family,I am very glad to hear you finally have the go ahead to travel home very soon. I will continue to pray for you and your need for a medical person to travel alongside Bea. I am quite sure you’re experiencing a burst of adrenaline right now, giving you the needed energy to pack and prepare to leave. I also recognize you’re all wiped out. I hope you can rest on your flight and will take good care of yourselves when you return home. May God grant you all the strength you need to make it home.Today our piano was tuned by Mark Foss. I remembered him sayng he attends First Baptist/Geneva and asked if he knew the Schulenburg family. He immediately mentioned the blog and I understand his wife has been writing in. I continue to be amazed at the prayer support you’ve had! This is really great.Please let us know when you’ve arrived home.Blessings on your journey!-Amy Allen

  8. Bea, Gordon, Jenny and Brian,“Hip… Hip….Hurray!” God has again gotten Himself the victory! You’re all coming home! We are so grateful and bow low before a God so powerful, and yet so sensitive and compassionate. Bea, you have talked with the Lord so frequently and so intimately over the years, that He, of course, knows your heart and allowed nothing to come your way that would not ultimately be for your good and His glory. We will all, no doubt, for years be listing the countless ways He has blessed you during this time, Bea, —the steadying love, support and guidance of Gordon, Brian, and Jenny there in Istanbul; the support of your family, your church and your friends; son Kevin making sure your son, Brian, a young male whom that culture would respect, could join you for special support; not to mention the awesome presence of the Holy Spirit in your ICU unit, a fact authenticated by Jenny when she brought us to tears with her words: “A fragrance sweeter than perfume was released from the ICU today. It rose above the Amerikan Hastanesi, soared higher than Istanbul, Turkey, reached beyond the earth, and transcended the heavens until it landed at the feet of Jesus. This fragrance is the beautiful sacrifice of praise.”We all are grateful for the provision of Brian’s back-up laptop bringing W.M.B.I. by satellite to fill your heart and your room with thoughts of the goodness of the Lord. In the providence of God it is a few years too late for me to have continued communicating by this means, but how grateful we are for Brian’s blog–that vital communication link to which so many of us, consumed with an unction to see you healed, eagerly checked throughout the day for news and items for prayer—-plus the opportunity to communicate directly with you.Even though we joined you from a distance, the response of you and your family to your situation and the Lord’s intervention on your behalf has been an unforgettable experience! We are grateful to the Lord for His continuing restoration of your body’s health, and the rush of joy that is yours knowing you are flying home to O’Hare Field Saturday! Alright! As you continue to get messages from family and friends, and perhaps re-read the previous ones, may you know afresh that these expressions are simply tangible evidence of the embrace of Jesus reaching out in incredible love to you.Jim and Jean

  9. Gordon, Bea, Jenny & Brian – GOD is so GOOD!! We have been covering Bea & you all in prayer. We heard about Bea’s condition while we were in Brazil serving the poor in Niterio. Our friends in Brazil, the team from San Jose CA that was serving beside us and their entire church have been praying too. Bea – you have touched so many people…you are so dearly LOVED by many. Rhett says he’s still going to hold you to cooking him his favorite pasta!! He thinks it will make you feel better too!! (It sure cured his lack of appetite from his pneumonia..HA!) He also has asked how “Grandpa” is doing?Take care to you all & safe travels. We can’t wait to see you taking your walks out in front of our home.Love you – Chaille, Chris & little ones

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