Bye Bye Feeding Tube

I’d love to write that all of your prayers have been answered and that mom is now in her own hospital room. I can’t do that. But, I can say that her feeding tube is out and her voice continues to improve. We were with mom from 10:30-4:45 today and she was awake the entire time. Mom enjoyed talking with us. She continues to experience great fear about her doctors and nurses, but we are able to reason with her.

Mom pulled out her own feeding tube about an hour before we entered her room today. She has been quite the stubborn patient. We have asked mom to not pull out any other tubes. She was able to have some soup today for lunch, and she’s looking forward to dinner tonight.

Please pray as she continues to struggle with such intense fear. We are hoping that tomorrow will be the day that she moves from ICU to her private room, and we believe that this may really happen.

The doctor told us that mom does NOT have legionella. She had a different type of pneumonia, which responded very well to the medication. He says that we are very lucky that her lungs have healed so quickly. We know that this has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with the power of God as demonstrated in answered prayer. Thank you for your prayers. He believes that she does have encephalitis and that the encephalitis is contributing to the confusion.

We had a good time reading Scripture to mom today. She enjoyed what you have shared. I let mom know everyone who posts comments to the blog and e-mails us about the fact that you are praying. This has been a HUGE boost to mom. She enjoys hearing all of your comments. I even tell her about the people that she doesn’t know that are commenting, and she loves hearing from you too.

Tomorrow morning Dad and Jenny will be going to the Union Church of Istanbul while I go to the hospital to be with mom. They will join us after church. Dad and Jenny could sure use encouragement from the body of Christ. All of your e-mails and comments are a blessing to them too.

Keep praying!

In Him,