An Encouraging Day

I wanted to give another update on Mom, because so many of you have been praying for her. Today was a good day. When my Dad, sister and I were at the hospital yesterday we had to fight to see mom. Finally, in the afternoon, God answered prayer, by opening doors that seemed locked shut, and allowed us to come to an understanding with the hospital staff about seeing Mom, communicating about what was happening to her and building relationships with the doctors and nurses.

I shared in yesterday’s post about the difference that we saw in the afternoon. The doctor’s began treating mom for a rare disease called “Legionella Pneumonitis.” Our prayer yesterday was that this treatment would indeed make a difference. Mom was very unresponsive yesterday.

Well, what a difference a day makes. When we visited mom at 10:00 this morning, she was excited to see us. There was a twinkle in here eyes as we talked. She still couldn’t respond other than nods and to show us expressions with her eyes, but she was clearly there.

This afternoon, everything changed. Mom wanted to write. I gave her a pen and paper and she began to share about some of the fears that she was having. All of her fears were understandable, and we were able to assure her that she was getting great care. Then she wrote about how hot that she was and how she wanted ice chips. There was no ice at the hospital made with pure water, so I ran to Starbucks and had them put some ice in a blender for her. She enjoyed that soooo much. She also wanted a cool rag to put over her head, arms, and legs. The nurses caught on and began filling up some bags with ice and cooling mom down. She was finally feeling peace.

She wrote about how she can’t wait to get home. She knows that she is in Istanbul, and looks forward to returning to Chicago. She even mentioned wanting to take a trip to Minnesota to see our family, to California with Dad in the winter and to Nashville with Dad in the spring.

We’re praying that this improvement continues. Mom had a similar day the day before I arrived in Istanbul but then regressed the next day.

The doctors are hopeful that her ventilator can be taken out in two days. When that happens we expect to see some rapid improvement.

Here are a few of the cool things that God is doing:

1) He has provided us with great interpreters who have opened doors at the hospital.

2) He allowed Mom to laugh and smile today.

3) He allowed Mom to communicate her feelings with us.

4) He has provided a new contact that works for the United States State Department in Istanbul. He is a friend of one of my Mom’s cousins. He will be meeting us at the hospital tomorrow. He is a delightful Christian brother. We may even spend some time on the Fourth of July at the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul.

5) God gave my Dad some sweet moments with Mom today. She repeatedly told Dad how much she loves him.

6) God helped us find out about this rare disease through an Infectious Disease Specialist. This is a teaching hospital and the best in Istanbul. We really do have a peace that Mom is getting great care.

Thanks for your continued prayers and for spreading the word about mom to your friends and relatives. Prayer really is making a difference.

Please pray that:

1) Mom would continue to have the peace that passes understanding as she lies in the hospital bed.

2) Mom specifically asked for prayer that she would be able to get a good night’s rest. She is sooooo tired and the constant noise of ICU is tough on her. She asked that she would be able to sleep through the constant poking and prodding the doctor’s must do.

3) Pray that the ventilator will be able to be removed in two days.

4) Pray that we will be able to get a flight directly from Istanbul to Chicago when this hospital ordeal ends and that a doctor will be available to fly back with Mom.

5) Pray for clarity of mind for mom as this illness has made her delusional from time to time.

Thank you prayer partners!

In Christ,