Update on My Mom

Here is the latest update on my mom from an e-mail that my Dad sent today. (The picture on the left is from yesterday right after I arrived at American Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. The couple in the picture with my sister and me are counselors here in Turkey. He is a 2001 graduate of Denver Seminary. God used him in an awesome way to open up doors for us to be able to spend time with mom today.)

This has been a day of some breakthroughs in her medical care, but it started out difficult. We were unable to visit with my mom during the first 1 hour visiting hour period. Cultural and language barriers have made communicating with Turkish hospital officials difficult, but we finally have an understaning with the officials. We have now been given carte blanche to visit mom’s room whenever we want, and have clearer understanding of what is going on with her body. She was largely unresponsive today, although she did open her eyes and smile when I talked to her. Within about a minute her eyes were closed again as she held my hand. It’s tough to see her in this condition.

Thank you for your prayers. Her condition is too unstable to evacuate her to another hospital. We are working with an infectious disease doctor, a pulmonologist, a neruologist, and her ICU doctor and feel satisfied that the care she is receiving is satisfactory.

One cool thing is that many of you have been praying for clarity in identifying what is going on with mom. When I arrived last night and went to my Dad’s room, I smelled this foul odor. I believe that it is mold. We immediatley got Dad moved to a new room. It is possible that this mold may be a contributing factor in what is going on with Mom.

Here’s Dad’s e-mail:

Hi Everyone,

I’m sorry to send this is a blanket email, but I hope you understand under the circumstances. The following report accurately describes what went on today with Bea’s prognosis and her current condition. Subsequent to this report Brian, Jenny and I met with the Infectious Disease MD at American Hospital. She told us that they have found bacteria in Bea’s lungs and that
she has a type of pneumonia called “Legionella pneumonitis”. It is
caused by airborne mold and sometimes is called “Travelers disease”.They are treating it with two types of antibiotics – Tavenic and Rifampin. In addition, they have not ruled out Encephalitis. It appears that we will be staying in Istanbul for at least 4-5 more days, but are at peace that this is the best place for her to be at this time. We are getting excellent
cooperation from the doctors and their staff and in spite of the
language difficulties, they are bending over backwards to work with us for which we are grateful.

Please continue to pray for Bea’s condition – that she may come to
complete health and that she will heal quickly. Thank you for your many prayers, concerns, emails and phone calls.

God bless,