Operation Central America Prayer Requests

We are leaving for Guatemala on Sunday and have had a couple complications come up within our team. Please be in prayer that Trent Stensrud, one of our students, receives his passport by Saturday. He applied for it back in February and is the only member of our team yet to receive his passport.

Pray also for the Shortreed twins, Chris and Tim, who have had an allergic reaction to their malaria medication.

1 thought on “Operation Central America Prayer Requests

  1. Hey Trent!!! We miss you sooooo much and we hope things are going o.k. I had a soccer game last night (Monday) we tied 1 to 1 but their goal shouldn’t have counted. They tripped one of our players and then scored but or goalie was helping courtny (the one who was hurt). It was unfair though because the referee in the middle had never been in the middle reffing (centering) before, he had only been a side line ref so he called nothing!!! Any way i had strength and conditioning today (Tuesday)and it was pretty fun. we did like a 45 miter dash and i was fast. i cant write anymore or it will be to long sorry!!! love,Mari

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