Creation Museum Creates Quite A Stir

Is it just me, or does it seem like Ken Ham’s brand new Creation Museum in Kentucky is creating more buzz than it should?

I have never seen so many news stories about a museum opening. If you haven’t watched news in the United States this weekend, perhaps you’ve missed it. The Internet certainly hasn’t. You can do a Google news search on “Creation Museum” and see tons of stories from all over the world. There were huge numbers of protesters at the museum’s grand opening yesterday. So, why such a huge deal about this? Is belief in a literal interpretation of Genesis really bad science? Can a true scientist believe that the earth was created by God in a literal six days. Would a cataclysmic flood have any bearing on the fossil record? Could God have created the earth with age? He created people as adults and not children, didn’t He? Is it possible that God could have created a earth that appears to be billions of years old but is really only thousands of years old?

I’ve included a CNN report and a Fox News Debate thanks to YouTube. Check these out and then tell me what you think:

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