The Little Store

When I tell stories about my childhood, I’ll often times talk about The Little Store. It’s a store in St. Charles, Illinois that is right across the street from where I grew up. My buddies and I had a lot of adventures in and around this location. Here’s a picture of the store that my wife took last month while we were visiting my family.

Chris is Going to Guatmala With Me!

I’m pretty excited! In less than 3 weeks I’ll be leading another team of students and adults to Central America for this year’s Operation Central America trip. We have an awesome team this year! They have been preparing for this trip since January and are ready to go. Last week I received the incredible news that my son, Chris (that’s Chris in between Grandma and Grandpa at Grandpa’s surprise 70th Birthday Party last month) is going to be able to join us this year. We have paid to expidite his passport, and he needs to raise a lot of money in two weeks time, but we are confident that he is supposed to be on this team. Please pray that God will work on this trip in a mighty way. We’ll be in Campur, Guatemala City, San Marcos, Solola, and Antigua, Guatemala from June 10-24.