Farewell to Lee Eshleman

I just read that we lost a second major Christian leader this week. On Thursday, May 17, Lee Eshelman (pictured on the right) took his own life after a long battle with depression. I never knew Lee personally, but I saw him perform on a number of occasions as one half of the acting duo Ted and Lee. You may say, “He was an actor, not a major Christian leader.” But, Lee performed in front of millions of people over the past 20 years with her partner Ted. I will never forget the way that Ted and Lee portrayed Peter and Andrew, the brother disciples of Jesus. I’ll miss Lee’s simple lessons that he taught through drama. He helped me awe Jesus in all new ways.

There is a beautiful tribute about Lee written by fellow actor, Curt Cloninger at: http://http://www.youthspecialties.com/lee_eshleman/cloninger.php. Please keep Lee’s wife Reagan, and their children, Nicolas, Sarah and Gabe in your prayers. Keep his acting partner Ted in your prayers as well.

1 thought on “Farewell to Lee Eshleman

  1. B Schizzle,This is definitely very sad. I haven’t heard any of the details, but I am hopeful that this tragedy doesn’t just “slip away” from our memories. Great blog.

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