Generation X Is Growing Up

Todd Rhodes writes one of the most influential blogs for church leaders. It’s read by thousands of pastors each week. This past week, Todd blogged on the phenomena of Generation Xers feeling obsolete. It’s worth a read. You can find his post here:

So, what do you think? Is this just the case of a generation growing up, and not liking the fact that they are no longer the most marketed to generation? Or, is there something more here. I’m an Xer. Our numbers are no where near that of the Baby Boomers who preceded us, and they pale in comparison with the Millennial Generation. We were once the generation that was dubbed the slacker generation. We have become known as a generation that cares much more about relationship than achievement. We’re told that the Millennial Generation shares much in common with the Builders (The Greatest Generation), and that Generation X will always be sensitive about our place in history. Hey friends, let’s get over it, and get about being who God created us to be.