Jim & Casper Go To Church

It’s a fascinating premise — a Christian hires an Atheist to accompany him to several churches and give his impression of Christians. Jim & Casper Go To Church is a new book publshed by Barna that is tough to put down. I’d highly recommend this book to any pastor, church leader, or sincere Christian that wants to understand how at least one Atheist views the church. Jim, the Christian, and Casper, the Atheist, visited such churches as Saddleback, Willow Creek, Mars Hill, Mosaic, and others, and rated their experiences. You can read about their ratings, and those of many other Atheists at http://www.churchrater.com. The site causes one to pause, and really think about what it is that we are communicating to spiritual seekers. I’d love to hear your reactions to the book or the site.