Can It Really Be?

15 years? Has it really been that long? It seems like only yesterday that I was waking up in my parent’s home getting ready for the most exciting day of my life. Yesterday, Cyndi and I celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary. We had an incredible day — (Breakfast with our 4 kids, a house decorated so incredibly by Breanna, Chris, Jeremy and Zach, Swim Lessons for all four kids, Lunch and dinner at two of our favorite restaruants, bowling, a walk around one of the most beautiful lakes in the Twin Cities, riding scooters — I’ve got to tell you my wife looks so incredible when she’s riding a scooter!).

Thank you Lord, for the wonderful wife you’ve given to me. I could have never known the trials that you’d take us through over these 15 years. You’ve tought us so much about what love really is. Thank you for bringing us together.