Why I Should Only Ride Scooters

Cyndi, the kids and I went to the cabin of some of our dear friends earlier this week. It was beautiful. We watched fireworks on Bay Lake, rode wave runners, went tubing, had an awesome time with friends, and at the very end of the trip, my friend asked me if I’d like to try his dirt bike. If you are a regular blog reader you know that I have been dying to purchase a scooter, so the chance to drive a dirt bike was too tempting to pass up. I said, “Sure, but I’m not very good at this.” My friend wasn’t worried about that, and helped me get his huge 650 cc scooter started. Within five minutes I had crashed his bike and had deep second degree burns on my right leg. The burn will take at least a month to heal. It’s pretty painful and I’d appreciate your prayers. Praise God I wasn’t hurt worse, and I’ve learned my lessons. I’m a scooter guy only from now on.