Mother’s Day

It was 4:15 a.m. and the giggles had started. This morning, Breanna and Chrisopher decided to surprise Mom. Breanna had purchased 50 balloons and three rolls of crepe paper. In order for their mom to be taken by surprise, they decided that the 4 o’clock in the morning time frame would be the best time decorate the house. Dad was in on the gig. They had been planning it for days. When they went to bed last night, they made sure that their alarms were set and even went so far as to make sure that the dog was in her kennel with a blanket over it so that they would not wake her up. The plan was foolproof, except that they did not take into account their own propensity to giggle, and the propensity of balloons to make noise when placing them in a bedroom with sleeping people.

I heard them first. For fifteen minutes I layed as still as possible while they giggled, took multiple trips up and down the steps to gather more balloons, shined thier flashlight in our room, and whispered. It was great! And then, mom heard. And she too was still as the kids kept working. We finally got out of bed at about 4:45. The kids ran as fast as they could and hid in a corner of our living room.

Most nights I hate being awoken in the middle of a deep sleep. Not last night. Last night was a display of pure, unadulterated love for their mom. And, she’s worth it!

I am truly blessed. I have the best wife, the best kids, and God has given me more than I’ll ever need. Thanks God, for Cyndi. Thanks for my mom, and the role model that she was and is to me. Thanks for Cyndi’s mom. She is a great mother-in-law. No, she’s a great mom. God, help those families that are going through their first Mother’s Day without a mom, and those who have never known what it means to have a mom.

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