Shield A Badge

I found out about the coolest program today. It’s called “Shield A Badge.” As many of you know, I serve as a police chaplain for the Eden Prairie Police Department. I love this position because it gives me an opportunity to know the police officers and firemen in our community. They are some great people who have a dangerous job.

Shield A Badge is a program where every police officer in the Eden Prairie Police Department is given a prayer partner. The prayer partner is given the officers name and badge number and encouraged to pray for the officer throughout the year. You are allowed to write the officer on two occasions during the year, so long as you do not try to witness to the officer.

Most officers really appreciate and value this program. It means a lot to the to know that someone is praying. Would you consider being a part of this program? If you are interested, e-mail me at and I’ll let you know how you can get involved. This involves a commitment to pray for an officer every day for an entire year. Make sure that you are willing to make that type of commitment before e-mailing me.

Reflections on The Awakening

Today marked the final day of Mission Impossible. For the past two weeks anywhere between five and 23 of us have been gathering together at 6:00 in the morning to watch a Rob Bell video, but more importantly to beg God to begin a spiritual awakeing inside of us that will spread throughout Wooddale Senior High, Wooddale Church, our area, our city, churches across the world, our nation and the world.

Here are some observations that I have:

1. Students continue to blow me away, even after fifteen years of youth ministry. I love the passion that they have to change their world, and to see God work through them.

2. Students can be prayer warriors. I have never heard such sweet and passionate prayers.

3. Students like sacrifice. They enjoyed waking up at 6:00 in the morning, because it was among other things a tangible way to show their love and devotion to God.

4. Prayer really does make an impact. We saw so many prayer requests answered in the ten days that we me.

5. This is important. We probably need to try to do this at least once a week throughout the year.

6. People need Jesus. They really do. That was shown again and again as we met. And, I need to be more grateful for what Jesus has done for me.

7. God will never say, “No,” to a person asking for spiritual awakening in their own life. Jesus is moving in the lives of those who gathered.

8. I’m part of something really special here. I really do have one of the most incredible jobs in the world.

9. We have a great volunteer staff. So many of them came out at least once to pray, seek God’s face, and encourage students.

10. Students today have it tough. They really do. It’s not just a copout when they are making wrong choices. It’s tougher to grow up today than ever before.

Will you join us in praying for a spiritual awakening?


Okay, I’m serious. I’m really thinking about doing it. Have you seen the gas prices? I paid $2.89/gallon yesterday. It’s time for the economical solution. It’s time for a scooter.

Did you know that most scooters get between 60-80 miles to the gallon? Did you know if a scooter is 49cc or below you don’t need a special license to get one? Did you know that you can drive a 150cc scooter anywhere you want as long as you have a motorocycle certification on your drivers license?

So, yesterday I got the motorcycle book to study what I need to do to pass the test so that I can purchase a scooter. There is a little scooter shop that I’ve been to three times in the past two weeks. It’s called Scooters Plus and it’s located at 9060 Excelsior Blvd. in Hopkins. They let you test drive the little 49cc scooters and it’s a blast.

I need your help, faithful blog readers. I’m between a few models of scooter. Which one do you like best. I’m leaning towards the Wasp. You can just describe the scooter in the comment section of the blog. The two sites on the internet where I am looking into scooters is These are the ones they sell in Hopkins. Or,, where you can purchase a scooter, tax and delivery included, for as little as $899. You can’t beat that!

Rachel Patil to Give Faith Story

Rachel Patil, a Wooddale Senior, will be giving her faith story in all of the services this weekend at Wooddale Church. Make sure you come out and support Rachel as she speaks. And, keep Rachel in your prayers. This is a big deal. It’s not easy to speak in front of thousands of people. Pray that God will speak through Rachel in a powerful way, and that He will use her faith story to make an impact on tons of people.