Two Amazing Stories

This week I ran across two amazing stories of high school athletes who have faught agianst tremendous odds to accomplish great things. Their stories are so inspiring that I felt compelled to put them on this blog. The first is the story of Jason McElwain. Jason is a young man who happens to be autistic. He has been the water boy and team manager for his high school’s basketball team for the past couple of years. This week he got to play in his first and only basketball game. You won’t believe what happened when he came in with four minutes left to play. Go to this link, and check it out:

The second story comes from’s web site. It’s the story of A.J. Detwiler, a star high school wrestler from Pennsylvania. A.J. has a real chance to become the state champion at his weight class. But, A.J. lives with pain every day. Not pain from wrestling, but pain from the loss of a mother and a father. You see, last summer, A.J.’s dad murdered his mother, then A.J.’s younger brother shot and killed his dad in an act of self defense. This is one tear jerking story, but a beautiful example of forgiveness. Check it out right here: