Solomon’s Porch on Front Page of Star Tribune

Solomon’s Porch Chuch and Pastor Doug Pagitt are featured on the front page of the Minneapolis Star Tribune today. The article is entitled Young, Hip Reverent – Emerging Churches, Emphasizing Small Worship Groups, Have Struck a Chord With Young Christians. It’s a fascinating read about the emerging church. You can read a copy of the story by following this link: Doug Pagitt, used to be the Senior High Pastor at Wooddale. I taught his daughter Michon at Edina High School today. After class, Michon, Kara Doten, the daughter of Brian Doten, who preceded Doug as Senior High Pastor at Wooddale, and myself had lunch. It was this special bond of three families who have all shared in the lives of Wooddale Senior Highers. We had a delightful time.

1 thought on “Solomon’s Porch on Front Page of Star Tribune

  1. We just talked about Solomon’s Porch in my College and Young Adult Ministry class on Monday night!! I still think you need to be a guest speaker in my class when these profs attempt to speak on Emergent Church. We need you!

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